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The Company

Everything you need to know about KANCO

Our History

KANCO was formed with vision of providing premium agricultural commodities and industrial chemicals sourced from agricultural products from the vast agricultural resources available throughtout the South Karnataka region.

The western ghats are a rich source of the various products sourced and processed by us for our customers.

Building Trust

KANCO has the unquestional reputation and enjoys the trust of its customers owing to its integrity in all transactions .

The company sources from the best sources and has rigorous QA procedures that makes quality, a granted thing in our products.

Improving Lives

KANCO has been at the forefront of CSR(Corporate Social Reponsibility) and has sponsored many initiatives to make life better for the community .

These CSR activities have boosted the companies image among the agricultural community and re-inforced the the message that the company means well for all stake holders in the agricultural supply chain of this geography .

Our Philosophy and Values

The Core Philosophy was to provide a means of livelihood for the local agricultural community and cashew growers by sourcing products from them and marketing them nationally and internationally .

Towards this the company developed a value system of building long lasting relationships with growers abd traders in the region .

The company also believes the concept of growth through collaboration and temmwork and is a lead enabler for activities surrounding the various trade associations and processors of various agricultuarl commodities.

Our core strengths

Sourcing & Market Development
Hygiene & Cleanliness
International Marketing
Community And Staff Welfare